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Every student positively impacts the world by realizing their full personal, academic and professional potential.


To prepare students for successful competition in the global market through strategic programs and life experiences.


Maintain an enrichment program that achieves the academic, financial and organizational structure which attracts, impacts, and retains at least 70 students in 2022 and grows by 25% annually through 2025.


Your Support is Really Powerful.​

It can take more than a village to raise a child so, let the Dream Academy add to that village for your child. We're excited about 2022 and we're not letting COVID hold us back. Explore our website and find out how we can help you fill the gaps for your child.


Become A Proud Volunteer

Are you interested in helping to shape the future of our youth? Consider volunteering your time to provide a lecture or session that could inspire one of our dreamers. Or if you're interested in partnering with us to provide special programs within our curriculum, please contact us.


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