Insights From A Parent

A Testimonial from Trista Palmer, Parent of Dreamers

When I think about the impact that Dream Academy has on my family, I want to speak to two different areas – personal and educational aspects. The DA has been instrumental in the lives of my family. My kids started attending in May 2019 and then attended the Summer Camp that was provided in conjunction with Cary Academy.

The educational impact of this camp further helped to equip, Cherry and Matthew with the needed mindset as they started their journey at St. David’s in August. As parents, you always want to provide your kids with the best or better than what you had. Being afforded an opportunity to attend a school such as St. David’s, was God’s plan and a result of my kids being a part of DA. To that, I am extremely thankful and grateful to everything that the DA has done for not only my kids but for other kids that have benefited from as well:

Personally (Kids)

  • This program affords my kids an opportunity to participate in various activities that help to prepare them for the future (i.e. saving, diversity and inclusion, leadership, to name a few)
  • They are saving money now versus spending everything that they may get, despite my previous conversations with them around saving
  • They are continuing to grow in their faith and the importance of prayer
  • They have formed new friendships with kids outside of PGC as part of attending DA sessions
  • They are becoming good stewards of the community – wanting to give back to others and not being self-centered
  • They both wear their hearts on their sleeves. We still participate in volunteer opportunities and Matthew has the heart to give money to everyone he sees on the street that may be in need
  • Each month St. David's Lower School features a special character trait in which students are recognized throughout the month at chapel services as Warriors of Christ. In October, Cherry was recognized with the character trait of Joy. Matthew was recognized a couple of weeks ago with the character trait of Enthusiasm


  • The Saturday, DA sessions, have not only been instrumental with teaching them new things but also reinforcing things from home
  • An environment such as St. David’s helps to prepare them for the future by providing educational opportunities that continue to challenge their minds
  • The small class sizes have been beneficial for Cherry and Matthew as they haven’t gotten lost among other students
  • They love being a part of the St. David’s community and the friendships that they have established there
  • St. David’s community has welcomed us and has been open to partnering with the parents of DA with any needs that we may have

I could go on and on, about the impact of the DA but believe that all the above aligns with the mission statement to equip, encourage, empower but also keep them engaged. I’ve always tried to instill in them to be leaders and not followers. The DA helps to reinforce what they’re being taught at home.

I look forward to seeing what the DA will accomplish under the current leadership in 2020 and beyond. In addition, your work will continue to prepare our next generation of leaders for success.

Again, I want to thank you for all that you have done and provided for the Palmer family!

Thank you!

Trista Palmer

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